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Version 0.7 is our “lite” version. Coming soon: the full v1.0 version will be at our upcoming UX Bootcamp with AIGA OC on May 14th that includes Re/Framing Problem Solving worksheets.

UX Design Kit

Your all-in-one User Experience process workbook. 


Understand your user and customers. Our kit has a basic profile sheet plus an empathy map to help you deeply connect with potential customers.

Journey Maps

Before you build anything, our Journey map lets you figure out the process from start to finish. You can “map” out almost every step of the way to catch dead-ends and remove friction before they happen.

Business Canvas

Help you figure out how to turn your website/app into a viable and successful business. 

Print out these worksheets from your computer to get a better understanding of your customers, buying process, and revenue model.

Designed by a team with over 55+ years of UX design knowledge

Shri Jambekhar

Shri has worked with digital product design since the early 90s at companies such as Motorola, Magellan, and Samsung. He was most recently UX Director at and currently teaches at Art Center.

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David Nguyen

Spanning two decades of professional experience in technology, design and digital marketing – David led teams at Blizzard Entertainment, RED Digital Cinema, Rakuten and most recently at Just Energy.

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Noel Saw

Noel has lead both UX and technical development teams for the last 20 years including projects for large companies such as Red Bull, Ikea, Vons/Safeway, Murad, Behr, USC, ESPN, Microsoft, and Kaiser Permanente.

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Special thanks to our friends, family, and colleagues who've helped us with feedback and refinements! Crystal Ehrlich, George Colon, Jaclyn Glasner, Raymond Soon, Mario Noble, Charlie Salazr, and anyone else we've forgotten, many thanks for your help!